Frozen Fruit and Vegatable

Apply IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) technology to fast-freeze directly at - 50°C for 3-10 minutes and store at -18°C.

Vacuum Fried Fruit

Using cold oil to help the water in the fruit evaporated in a vacuum environment so when drying the oil are not absorbed into  the product, the oil content in the product is very low (less than 5%).

100% Natural Fruit

100% natural fruit harvested from the farms are for our consumer, with no coloring and flavor, no preservative, no food additives, to give consumers the most natural, authentic taste from Vietnamese agricultural products across the country.

Air Dried Fruit

Fruit is dried at 50-70°C (equivalent to sun drying temperature) in a vacuum environment.

Freeze Dried Fruit

The fruit is dried at 0-10°C, helping the water evaporated in a vacuum. 100% natural, no food additives, spices or catalyst.

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