Air Dried Soursop

Product Line
Net Weight 100 g
Ingredients Fresh soursop (95%), sugar and salt
Certifications HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO 9001:2008
Where to buy Updating
Expiration Date 12 months

Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits from Soursop

  • Soursop contains many vitamins and minerals but contains very small amount of calories, fat and no cholesterol.
  • Vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 in soursop helps the body boost the immune system, clean the digestive system and promote health.
  • Soursop has high vitamin C content (20mg of vitamin C in 100gr of soursop), 2 times higher than in banana, pear, apple, grape or pineapple.
  • Minerals in the soursop can help strengthen bones and teeth, preventing osteoporosis.
  • High content of carbohydrates and fructose in soursop help maintain and replenish energy, reduce stress, fatigue, and enhance concentration.
  • Eating soursop to get fiber supplement and beneficial bacteria, accelerate bowel movement, promote waste disposal and enhance fat and protein digestion.