Chocolate Covered Air Dried Strawberry

Product Line
Net Weight 100 g
Ingredients Fresh strawberry, dark chocolate and sugar
Certifications Applying for certification
Where to buy Updating
Expiration Date 12 months

Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits from Strawberry

  • Strawberries contain a lot of vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 and especially high amount of vitamin C (more than oranges and watermelon) to boost your immunity, fight cold, relieve stress and beautify the skin.

  • Folate in strawberries (a B-group vitamin) is extremely good for pregnant women.

  • In strawberries, there are ellagic acids and smart antioxidants (lutein and zeaxanthin) help destroy free radicals, regulate the amount of estrogen damage to the body.

  • Eating strawberrie helps reduce cholesterol and bad cholesterol in the blood well for the heart.