Flavorful Onion Chip

Product Line
Net Weight 30 g
Ingredients Fresh onion (98%) and vegetable oil
Certifications HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO 9001:2008
Where to buy Updating
Expiration Date 12 months

Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits from Onion

  • Onion is very low in calorie but rich in minerals and nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate (vitamin B9) and zinc.
  • Onions contain many antioxidants compounds such as anthocyanins and quercetin (antioxidant flavonoids can lower blood pressure), thiosulfinates (suppress the growth of harmful bacteria)
  • Selenium and Quercetin in onion are powerful antioxidants that help to improve and suppress the growth of cancer cells.
  • The contents of prostaglandin A and sulfur in onion can help lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, increases coronary blood flow and are especially good for the heart.
  • Eating onions help reduce blood sugar levels thanks to a substance called allyl propyl disulfide which increase the amount of insulin in the body.