Vinamit Organic Farm is located in Phu Giao Town, Binh Duong Province with an area of more than 150 hectares and more than 54 kinds of plants, has obtained Organic Farming Certification and Organic Processing according to Organic Standards USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and Organic EU (European Union) on 06 Dec 2016. This is the result of 3 years strictly implement organic farming practices and improve soil, water, air, environment and biological factors, which we have pursued since the establishment of Vinamit in 1988.

Soil management, weed management, crop care and pest control in our organic farms are managed and monitored regularly. At the farms, we use only vermicompost, organic fertilizers made from organic coconut shells, or organic cow dung. In addition, we use traditional methods of pest control such as using herbs to repel insects and protect the fruit in fruit wrapping bag to prevent pest or insect infiltration.

Sources for seeds and seedlings in the Vinamit Organic Farm were selected carefully that have good natural disease resistance, strong immunity, adaptability to the natural growing conditions, insect resistance and strong growth. We do not use genetically modified or non-organic varieties for cultivation and production.

In addition, the water environment with controlled minerals and metals content, as well as the air environment in and around the farming site, are also of particular concern to prevent the influence of external (non-organic) elements.