On December 6th, 2016, Vinamit Joint Stock Company has received the certification for Organic Processing, Organic Farming and Organic Products under USDA (US Department of Agriculture) and Organic EU (European Union) standards - the most prestigious organic certification for clean food, clean processing and clean farming.  

We have obtained 73 items complying with Organic EU, 81 items with Organic USDA and an international Organic code after completing 545 evaluation criteria under the direct supervision of experts from the Control Union with more than 100 samples sent for independent verification and evaluation in the Netherlands.

With rigorous standards for organic food assessment and certification, our input materials must not contain residues of pesticides, plant protection chemicals, nor growth stimulants during farming process.

Products during processing and handling must not use food preservatives, food additives, supplements, coloring or flavoring substances. In addition, organic products must be organically produced and not mixed with other non-organic products to ensure organic farming, processing, packaging, storage and delivery to consumer.